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Indiana and Illinois Wrongful Death

The death of loved one leaves a significant void. Children must grow up without the support, love and guidance of a parent, surviving spouses are left to try and figure out how to make ends meet while mourning the loss of their partner and parents must face the loss of a child. These realities are all the more painful when the loss was needlessly caused by another. 

A “wrongful death” can be caused by medical malpractice, a car or truck wreck, a workplace catastrophe or any number of other ways. State laws in Indiana and Illinois govern lawsuits brought by the survivors of those wrongfully killed. These laws establish the parties who may bring a wrongful death lawsuit including a surviving spouse, children or parents as well as the different types of monetary damages they may be entitled to.

We spend the necessary time with the family of the deceased to understand the impacts the loss has had on their lives.

If you have lost a family member and suspect it may be due to the fault of another, we would be honored to discuss the situation with you.