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Have you or someone you love sustained serious injuries due to an accident involving a commercial truck? If so, contact an experienced truck accident attorney right away to discuss your rights and legal options. At Custy Law Firm | Accident & Injury Lawyers, we know that you’re likely facing costly medical bills and potentially life-threatening injuries, since these massive trucks can weigh two to three times more than the average passenger vehicle.

If you’ve been hurt, you could be eligible for compensation to cover your damages such as medical bills, physical therapy, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more. A Valparaiso truck accident lawyer can help you and your family recoup your losses so that you can focus on recovery.

At Custy Law Firm | Accident & Injury Lawyers, we are committed to helping our community members win significant settlements so that they can move past the stress involved with being in a truck accident. Our attorneys work day and night to build solid cases and negotiate compensation for our clients. Truck accident lawsuits require specific knowledge and experience, and our attorneys have just the skill set to win.

The attorneys at Custy Law Firm | Accident & Injury Lawyers believe that no person should have to miss out on necessary legal representation because of financial concern, and we’re confident in our ability to win big. That’s why we handle cases on a contingency-fee-basis, which means we won’t charge you legal fees until we win you a settlement.

We’d love to sit down with you, get to know you and your situation on an individual basis, and figure out how we can help you. Call the truck accident lawyers at Custy Law Firm | Accident & Injury Lawyers today to schedule your initial consultation.

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    Why Do I Need a Valparaiso Truck Accident Lawyer?

    If you’ve been hurt in a collision with an 18-wheeler or another commercial vehicle, it is crucial to hire an attorney with specific experience handling truck accident cases. These claims can be more complex than standard passenger vehicle accidents for two main reasons:

    1. The injuries are often more severe and damage to property is more significant and,
    2. Multiple parties could share liability, including the truck driver, the company that employed them, third party maintenance companies, cargo loading companies, the company that owned the cargo, and others.

    With an experienced attorney on your side, you can rest easier knowing that someone is looking out for your best interests. The trucking company and their insurer will likely be working to protect themselves and their financial bottom-line after a crash, so it is vital to level the playing field with legal representation of your own.

    Don’t let the insurance company bully you into accepting a lowball settlement offer. Instead, hire an attorney who can build a persuasive case on your behalf and fight for the full and fair compensation you’re owed. If someone approaches you from the insurance company, say nothing. Instead, call an experienced Valparaiso truck accident lawyer at (219) 286-7361, and we’ll negotiate for you.

    Why Hire Custy Law Firm | Accident & Injury Lawyers?

    When you’ve been hurt in a crash with an 18-wheeler, you deserve to have skilled and experienced legal representation on your side. Our lawyers have been named a part of the National Trial Lawyer Top 100, and we’ve won hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements for our clients. Our previous clients recommend us again and again because our attorneys win cases with honest representation, hard work, and a compassionate, individual approach to every situation.

    Let us earn your trust and win you a full and fair settlement to cover your losses.

    Our attorneys work with a vast network of industry experts. We call on accident recreation experts, medical professionals, investigators, legal aids, and experienced attorneys to work together to craft a solid case. We’ll collect evidence in your favor, interview witnesses, and find any documentation that can prove you were injured at the fault of a negligent truck driver.

    Call us today at (219) 286-7361 and find out how much money you could be eligible to receive.

    Common Causes of Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents happen all the time due to a variety of reasons; when they do happen, they cause catastrophic damage to vehicles and people due to the sheer weight and size of the average commercial truck. According to the NHTSA, 4,761 individuals were killed in collisions with trucks in 2017, and 72% of the fatalities were the people in the passenger car. That’s because the size of trucks provides truck drivers with much more protection than drivers in smaller passenger vehicles.

    A study done by the FMCSA found that 87% of commercial truck accidents were the fault of the driver. These driver-related accidents were found to have occurred for reasons listed below:

    • Non-performance issues: Trucking companies push their drivers to the limits. Drivers are behind the wheel for most of the day, driving hour after hour to meet deadlines and make it to their destinations. This can cause serious fatigue issues and cause drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. Drivers’ health can also be an issue, with some drivers having heart attacks or other medical conditions while driving.
    • Performance issues: Performance issues can quickly occur if the driver panics while driving or exercises poor control of the vehicle. Some negligent trucking companies can rush the training of employees in an effort to get more drivers on the roads. This leads to inexperienced, under-trained drivers that have no business being behind the wheel of a large commercial vehicle.
    • Driver recognition: If a truck driver gets distracted by something outside the vehicle, or is distracted in any way from the road, serious accidents can occur. Even a small slip of the wheel can have catastrophic results when driving such a large vehicle.
    • Decision-making: Truck drivers have to make serious decisions every second that they drive a large commercial vehicle: when to switch lanes, how fast to drive, how close to follow another vehicle, etc. Especially in poor weather conditions, drivers can easily make mistakes and cause collisions.

    Truck accidents happen every day due to driver error. Sometimes these errors are the fault of the trucking company, and sometimes it’s the driver themselves that make a poor decision. And sometimes, more than one party is at fault. Either way, the attorneys at Custy Law Firm | Accident & Injury Lawyers can help with your truck accident case.

    Common Truck Accident Injuries

    Accidents involving commercial trucks can have catastrophic results when it comes to injuries. People can be seriously injured or even killed when their small passenger car collides with a truck. The types of injuries resulting from a truck accident are endless, but below are some of the most common truck accident injuries:

    • Head injuries: Head injuries can vary from a small bump on the head to a concussion, all the way to a life-changing traumatic brain injury. If you suffer a traumatic brain injury, it’s likely your life will never be the same again. You could be facing multiple, expensive surgeries, physical therapy, a need for live-in help, and an inability ever to work again.
    • Muscle strains and tears: Muscle tears are no small matter. While a smaller sprain might take six weeks to heal, a more extensive tear can take months until you’re able to move properly again. You may need physical therapy, time off work, and even possible surgeries.
    • Broken bones: The incredible amount of force inflicted upon your body in the event of a truck accident can lead to easily snapped bones. Broken bones can take months to heal and necessitate surgeries and time off of work.
    • Spinal cord injuries: Your spinal cord does a lot of work for your body, and when it’s injured, it can have significant effects. While a smaller spinal cord fracture or a herniated disk could be healed with rest and time off, major injuries to your spinal cord could result in partial or full paralysis.

    In the event of a collision with a truck, your body is going to be coursing with adrenaline, and you might feel that you’re okay. No matter how you feel, it’s essential that you immediately see a medical professional and get a thorough examination. You might be facing injuries that you don’t even know about yet.

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    Were you hurt in a crash with an 18-wheeler or another commercial vehicle? Call a qualified Valparaiso truck accident lawyer to discuss your rights and legal options right away. We’ll be ready to hold the responsible parties accountable and get you the maximum compensation possible for your injury claim. We can be reached by phone at (219) 286-7361 or online any time, day or night. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with us today and find out how we can help you.




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